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On this page you will find some of the scores of the composers Hans van Eck and Norbert Wissing.
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Norbert Wissing (1959)

The music of Norbert Wissing is based on colour as is shown in his colourful orchestration as well as in the inspiration Norbert draws out of paintings and photo-collages. His refined orchestration he learned from the renowned Dutch master Lex van Delden.

In 2010 the acquaintance with artist and poet Sharon Miedema let to a new, more intense accent in his music. Recent works in this style are "Sharons Songs" and "Otto Dipinti di Sharon".

Repeatedly studying and listening the music of great composers as Shostakovitch, Sibelius, Nielsen and Prokofiev strengthens the continuous flow of his imagination.

He composes music for Orchestra and Chamber-Ensembles, as well as music for Theatre. He wrote music for the Fassbinder play "Bremer Freiheit" at the occasion of the Fassbinder-retrospective of the Ostade-Theater (Amsterdam, 1998).

His orchestral music is performed by the Ricciotti-Ensemble, which played his "Fassbinders Tod" on tour through the Netherlands, Sweden and Denmark (1998).

The composition "Light" for soprano, trumpet and organ is performed in the 2006 season of the Enschede Music Festival. His interest in orchestration is shown in his collaboration with Hans van Eck in the arrangements of classical and modern works.

Selection of Major Works:

Musica per Oboe d'amore e Arpa hobo and harp,
more harp

"Sharons Songs" more vocal music
"Light" more organ
"Canto I, for Bassclarinet and orchestra" more bassclarinet for 'Kreuzspiel Orkest'
cond. Michael de Roo
"Fassbinders Tod, for Chamberorchestra" more orchestra for the Ricciotti-Ensemble
Symphony no.3 more orchestra
"Incidental Music for 'Bremer Freiheit'
of R.W.Fassbinder, for 7 instruments"
more orchestra for 'Ostade-Theatre'
Preview1, Preview2
"Concerto" more contrabass for Contrabass and Orchestra
"Suite for viola, violoncello and double bass" more viola for the 'Trio di Basso Koeln'
"Three studies for guitar trio" more
for 'Attaca Gitaartrio Utrecht'
"String Quartet" more

"Sonate Musica per saxophone, viola e pianoforte" more saxophone
"Tre Dipinti for Percussion and Wind Ensemble" more percussion
"Quintetto per Strumenti d' Ottone 2" more brass
"Impulsi for Accordion and Chamber Orchestra" more accordion

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Hans van Eck (1958)

'Music is basically the art of listening'

The art of music arises from the digestion of sounds in the ears and minds of the listener. In the chain of creation the composer is only one facet, the performer and listener play just as important a role. In my opinion this is even more true when timbre is used as the most important carrier of meaning.

Thoroughly educated in the music of the Western classical tradition, I added new viewpoints to my art. From my musical hero's Giacinto Scelsi and Luigi Nono as well as from music from the Far-East (Japanese Gagaku) I learned to work with the basics of sound. Studying compositions by Claude Vivier and the music of the Near East taught me about the use of melodic lyricism and the expressiveness of micro-tones.

In the late 1990's I became interested in sound-art after meeting the visual and sound artist Hans van Koolwijk. For some of his installations I provided compositional elements and timing, sometimes resulting in many hours of music as in the 12 hour 'Passages': the music for the 'Klankkaatser' (Sound Reverberator 2010). Our collaboration led to the development and building of new musical instruments for which I composed many pieces; the most prominent for the BassBoxes.

The magic of sounds is for me the most important aspect of music. The foremost goal of my compositions is to make the listener experience sounds as they are, taking him beyond the surface of the music. My musical style might be described as lyrical and colourful. The use of live electronics and soundtracks is so integrated in my way of making music that I cannot do without it.

I co-founded the Schreck Ensemble with the late Arie van Schutterhoef in 1989 in order to perform music that combines the use of acoustic instruments with the new sounds offered by modern computer technology. My music is published by MCN/Donemus, Amsterdam and can be found here.

Students interested in composition-lessons can contact me here: Website

Selection of Major Works:
"6 Haiku's for piano" piano,
more piano
"The Essential World" piano
"Miniatures for String Quartet" string quartet
"Gymnopedie for Piano" piano,
more study works
performanced by
Nicolas Horvath
"De Onthulling" piano mp3
"Incantatio II" bassclarinet,
more bassclarinet
"Reflexions of remembrances" flute,
more flute

"Dansiare" clarinet,
more clarinet
"Poemi Eterni"
with performing material
Violin with optional live-electronics,
more violin
Poemi 1
"Prologue, Intermezzo and Epilogue" Violoncello,
more cello
"Oh deep silence" Haiku for soprano and piano.
more vocal music

"Nuctemeron" for 2 soprano's, percussion, violin,
clarinets, tapes and live-electronics.
more vocal music
the 8th & 9th Hour.mp3
"Sonate" for violoncello and piano, more chambermusic
part1 , part2 , part3
for accordion quintet,
more accordion
"Fantasia I, mythologique" tape,
more tapemusic
"Pieces for 'The Day'" tape,
more tapemusic
made in collaboration with Arie van Schutterhoef
nag'1.WAV, nag'2.WAV,
nag'3.WAV, nag'4.WAV,
nag'5.WAV, tusvlg.mp3

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Arrangements by Norbert Wissing and Hans van Eck:

"Bagatellen op. 126" Beethoven arr. for wind instruments, timpany and double bass, 2009
score and mp3
"Il barbiere di Siviglia
-una voce poco fa..."
Rossini arr. for stringquartet and soprano, 2006
"5 Songs" Jean Sibelius arr. for chamber ensemble and soprano, 2001
first perf. Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
"Barafota Sanger" Allan Pettersson
arr. for chamber ensemble and soprano, 2000
first perf. Concertgebouw, Amsterdam
"Black Mass" Alexander Scriabin arr. for full orchestra, 2001/2002
"La Lugubre Gondola" Liszt Ferenc arr. for chamberorchestra, 2001
"7 Bagatelles" Bartok Bela arr. for chamberorchestra, 2001
"Am Grabe Richard Wagners" Liszt Ferenc arr. for chamberorchestra, 2001
"Agnus Dei" Jacob Obrecht arr. for wind & percussion, 2002
"De Schipbreuk" Johan Wagenaar arr. for soprano, piano & wind, 2002
"Fuenf Lieder" Hans Krasa arr. for soprano & winds, 2003
"Pieces op.19" Arnold Schoenberg arr. for ensemble

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